Information Security, Cyber and Privacy Services

The Cyber Unit provides contracting services to some of the world's largest organisations.

Specialising in the Financial and Insurance sectors, the Cyber Unit provides security, cyber and privacy consulting services to FTSE100 and Fortune500 firms. Jonny Pelter, The Cyber Unit's Director, has worked across the breadth of financial services and insurance, including; both personal and commercial lines insurers, retail banks, investment banks, wealth & asset management, clearing houses and exchanges.

Reliable and Competent Delivery, Focused on 3 Core Services

We believe in being experts in a field, so not only are we aligned primarily on the financial and insurance sectors, we pride ourselves on  focusing on three core services, as described below.

GDPR & Privacy

With the General Data Protection Regulation deadline looming on 25th May next year, many organisations require support understanding their current level of compliance risk and outlining a remediation roadmap to meet compliance.

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Security Assessment

Understanding your current level of cyber risk across the entire information security spectrum is more important today than it has ever been. We help organisations assess, track and project their levels of cyber maturity against a number of industry standards.

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Regulatory & Compliance

The regulatory landscape is becoming more and morecompliance, with ever increasing focus and growing sanctions and fines. Across a broad range of regulation, we help organisations understand their compliance risk and support them in reducing risk and attaining compliance.

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The Cyber Unit has been fortunate enough to have experience delivering cyber security and privacy consulting services to some of the world's largest and most complex organisations. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand your business and embed ourselves quickly into the organisation, using our past experience to do so seamlessly. A selection of our recent experience is contained below.



Experienced in providing information security, GDPR/privacy and regulatory & compliance cyber services to the Financial and Insurance sectors globally for almost a decade.


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